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Title: Former President of Kohl’s Corporation and Owner of Milwaukee Bucks, Herb Kohl, Passes Away at 87


In a sad turn of events, it has been announced that Herb Kohl, the former president of the renowned Kohl’s Corporation and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has passed away at the age of 87. The news was shared by Ajit Pai, who expressed his condolences and highlighted Herb Kohl’s contributions as a four-term U.S. Senator. While the cause of his death remains unknown, this article will delve into Herb Kohl’s remarkable biography, his legacy, and the impact he had on the business and political sectors.


Born on February 7, 1935, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Herb Kohl grew up in a family that owned a chain of grocery stores. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later received his Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Following his studies, Kohl joined his family’s business, Kohl’s Food Stores, where he played a vital role in its expansion and success.


Herb Kohl’s legacy extends beyond his business accomplishments. In 1988, he made a significant impact on the political landscape by successfully running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat. He served four terms as a senator, dedicating his efforts to various key issues and committees, including the Judiciary Committee. Known for his kind, soft-spoken demeanor, Kohl was respected by colleagues from both sides of the aisle.

During his tenure in the Senate, Herb Kohl focused on advocating for affordable healthcare, education, and economic growth. He championed causes that aimed to improve the lives of everyday Americans, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds. Kohl’s commitment to public service and his dedication to his constituents earned him the admiration and respect of many.

Kohl’s Corporation and the Milwaukee Bucks

While his political career was impressive, Herb Kohl’s influence extended to the business world. As the president of Kohl’s Corporation, he played a pivotal role in transforming the regional grocery store chain into a national retail powerhouse. Under his leadership, Kohl’s Corporation expanded its operations and became renowned for its affordable yet fashionable clothing and home goods.

Additionally, Herb Kohl’s passion for sports led him to become the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He acquired the team in 1985, and during his ownership, he consistently supported the development of the franchise, investing in both the team’s infrastructure and player acquisitions. His dedication to the Milwaukee Bucks and the city of Milwaukee helped revitalize the basketball scene in the area and fostered a sense of community pride.


Herb Kohl’s passing leaves a void in both the business and political spheres. His remarkable biography, dedication to public service, and contributions to Kohl’s Corporation and the Milwaukee Bucks highlight the impact he had on various aspects of society. As we mourn his loss, we remember Herb Kohl as a kind, soft-spoken voice and a tireless advocate for the American people. While the cause of his death remains unknown, his legacy will continue to inspire and guide future generations..


@AjitPai said Sad to hear that Herb Kohl passed away. The former president of the @Kohls Corporation and owner of the Milwaukee @Bucks served 4 terms as a U.S. Senator. On the Judiciary Committee, marked by sharp and loud disagreements, I always found his to be a kind, soft-spoken voice. RIP.

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