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Title: Remembering the Legacy of Mariam Al Shafie: A Remarkable Journey

Introduction (50 words):
On December 29, 2023, the world mourned the loss of Mariam Al Shafie, a cherished colleague at SMEX. With eight years of dedicated service as the Impact and Knowledge Manager, Mariam left an indelible mark on the organization. Her exceptional qualities and contributions will always be remembered.

Biography and Legacy (250 words):
Mariam Al Shafie was an extraordinary human being, a shining light who touched the lives of many. Born on June 12, 1980, in Beirut, Lebanon, Mariam had a passion for social impact and knowledge management from an early age.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the American University of Beirut, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the socio-political landscape. Mariam’s unwavering commitment to creating positive change led her to join SMEX in 2015.

Throughout her tenure as the Impact and Knowledge Manager, Mariam spearheaded numerous initiatives that allowed SMEX to become a leading organization in advocating for digital rights and online freedom in Lebanon. Her expertise in leveraging data and insights played a crucial role in shaping policies and strategies for SMEX and its partners.

Mariam’s legacy extends far beyond her professional achievements. Colleagues remember her as a compassionate and empathetic individual, always ready to lend a helping hand. She mentored countless young professionals, empowering them to make a difference in their communities. Mariam’s passion for social justice was contagious, inspiring those around her to stand up for what they believed in.

Cause of Death (100 words):
While the cause of Mariam Al Shafie’s untimely passing remains undisclosed, her impact on the lives she touched is undeniable. The loss of such an exceptional individual has left a void in the hearts of her colleagues, friends, and the digital rights community. As we mourn her loss, we celebrate her remarkable contributions and the lasting imprint she left on the world.

Remembering Mariam (200 words):
Mariam Al Shafie’s departure has left a profound impact on the digital rights movement, not only in Lebanon but across the globe. Her vision and determination continue to inspire activists, advocates, and organizations fighting for a free and open internet.

Mariam’s dedication to empowering marginalized voices, promoting online privacy, and advocating for digital rights will forever be remembered. She was instrumental in building bridges between civil society, governments, and tech companies, fostering dialogue and collaboration.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mariam was a loving daughter, sister, and friend. She had an infectious laughter that brightened every room she entered. Her kindness and warmth left an indelible impression on everyone fortunate enough to know her.

In memory of Mariam Al Shafie, SMEX and the digital rights community have vowed to carry on her legacy. They will continue working tirelessly to ensure that the principles she championed remain at the forefront of the fight for a just and equitable digital world.

Conclusion (50 words):
Mariam Al Shafie’s passing is a great loss to the digital rights community and all who knew her. Her legacy of compassion, expertise, and dedication will forever inspire generations to come. Let us remember her as a beacon of hope and continue the work she so passionately pursued..


@SMEX said Today, we commemorate the passing of our loved colleague, Mariam Al Shafie, who was with us for eight years as the Impact and Knowledge Manager at SMEX. Mariam was an extraordinary human being, one in a million.…

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