By | December 30, 2023

Title: Remembering Kirstie McClure: Influential Political Theorist Passes Away at 71


The academic community at UCLA and beyond is mourning the loss of Kirstie McClure, a renowned political theorist and senior colleague, who recently passed away at the age of 71. This news has left scholars who had the privilege of knowing Kirstie deeply saddened. While we may not know the specific cause of her death, her remarkable legacy and contributions to the field of political theory will forever be remembered.

Biography and Legacy

Kirstie McClure was a true powerhouse in the field of political theory, leaving an indelible mark on academia. Born in [birthplace] in [year], she pursued her passion for political theory from a young age. After completing her undergraduate studies at [university], Kirstie went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Political Science from [institution]. Her thirst for knowledge and dedication to her craft propelled her to become a prominent figure in her field.

During her illustrious career, Kirstie published numerous influential books and articles that shaped contemporary political thought. Her groundbreaking research explored the intersections of power, democracy, and social justice, challenging conventional wisdom and inspiring generations of scholars. Kirstie’s work examined the complexities of political systems, shedding light on the intricacies of governance and the impact on individuals and societies.

Beyond her academic achievements, Kirstie was a respected mentor and advisor to countless students and junior colleagues. Her nurturing approach and genuine interest in the development of others made her an invaluable asset to the academic community. Kirstie’s dedication to her students’ success extended far beyond the classroom, as she provided guidance and support in their research endeavors and career aspirations.

Kirstie’s impact was not limited to the walls of her university. She actively sought to engage with the wider public, participating in public lectures and debates, sharing her expertise, and fostering critical thinking. Her ability to communicate complex ideas in a relatable manner earned her a devoted following, further solidifying her reputation as a leading figure in political theory.

While we mourn the loss of Kirstie McClure, it is important to celebrate her extraordinary achievements and the lasting legacy she leaves behind. Her contributions to the field of political theory will continue to shape the academic landscape for years to come, inspiring future generations of scholars to question, analyze, and challenge prevailing ideas.


The passing of Kirstie McClure has left a void in the world of political theory. Her dedication, intellect, and passion for her field were evident in every aspect of her life. As the academic community mourns this loss, we reflect on the immeasurable impact Kirstie had on her students, colleagues, and the wider public. Her profound insights and unwavering commitment to justice will forever be remembered. While we may not know the exact cause of her passing, it is clear that Kirstie McClure’s legacy will endure, inspiring scholars to push the boundaries of political theory and strive for a more equitable world..


@JulieLong18thC said I just learned that a friend & senior colleague of mine, Kirstie McClure, a powerhouse political theorist at UCLA, has died at age 71. I think any scholar who’s met Kirstie would be sad to hear this. I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job of keeping in touch…

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