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Sad to hear of the passing of Boyce Deitz, a legendary figure in both coaching and politics. Boyce had an illustrious career in coaching and made significant contributions to the world of politics as well. He served as a staff member to #nc11 Congressman Heath Shuler and later went on to become a Jackson County Commissioner. Boyce was not only known for his achievements but also for his captivating storytelling abilities.

Boyce Deitz leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. His coaching career spanned several decades, earning him a well-deserved place in the Hall of Fame. He was an inspiration to many aspiring athletes and coaches, leaving an indelible impact on the sports community.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Boyce Deitz developed his passion for sports at a young age. He excelled in various sports during his high school years and continued to pursue his love for athletics in college. After graduating, Boyce embarked on his coaching career, starting at the high school level and eventually making his way up to college sports.

Boyce’s coaching abilities were unparalleled, and he quickly gained recognition for his expertise and leadership on the field. He had a unique knack for motivating his players and instilling in them a sense of discipline and determination. Boyce’s teams consistently achieved remarkable success, earning numerous championships and accolades throughout his career.

In addition to his coaching prowess, Boyce Deitz had a second career in politics. He began working as a staff member to Congressman Heath Shuler, where he played a vital role in shaping policies and representing the interests of the people in #nc11. Boyce’s dedication and commitment to public service were evident in his work, and he was highly respected by his colleagues and constituents alike.

Later, Boyce transitioned into the role of Jackson County Commissioner, where he continued to serve the community with diligence and passion. He worked tirelessly to address the needs and concerns of the residents, striving to make a positive impact on their lives. Boyce’s political career was marked by his unwavering commitment to public service and his ability to bring about meaningful change.

Beyond his professional achievements, Boyce Deitz was known for his exceptional storytelling abilities. He had a unique talent for captivating his audience with his narratives, often weaving together personal experiences and life lessons. Boyce’s stories were not only entertaining but also served as a source of inspiration and motivation for those who had the privilege of hearing them.

While the cause of Boyce Deitz’s passing remains unknown, his death is undoubtedly a great loss to both the sports and political communities. His contributions and impact will be remembered and cherished by all those who had the opportunity to know him. Boyce’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations of athletes, coaches, and public servants to strive for greatness and make a difference in the world.

Rest in peace, Coach Boyce Deitz. Your legacy will live on..


@chriscooperwcu said Sad to hear of Boyce Deitz' passing. In addition to his Hall of Fame coaching career, Boyce had a 2nd career in politics–1st as a staff member to #nc11 Congressman Heath Shuler, & later as a Jackson County Commissioner Plus, he told a hell of a good story Rest in Peace, Coach…

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