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Iasos, Pioneer of New Age Music, Has died

The world of music mourns the loss of Iasos, a true pioneer of New Age music. On January 9, 2024, news broke of his passing, leaving fans and fellow musicians devastated. The exact cause of his death remains unknown at this time.

Born in 1947, Iasos, whose birth name was Angelos Ioannis, was an American musician and composer. He was a visionary artist who dedicated his life to creating ethereal and otherworldly music that transcended traditional genres. Iasos was widely recognized as one of the founding fathers of New Age music, a genre that emerged in the 1970s and gained popularity for its soothing and spiritual nature.

Iasos’ journey into music began in his early teenage years. He experimented with various instruments and soundscapes, immersing himself in the world of music. His unique approach and talent for creating celestial sounds quickly caught the attention of listeners and fellow musicians.

In the early 1970s, Iasos released his first album, “Inter-Dimensional Music.” This groundbreaking record showcased his ability to blend harmonious melodies with ambient soundscapes, instantly captivating audiences. His music transcended the boundaries of traditional composition, taking listeners on a meditative and transformative journey.

Throughout his career, Iasos released numerous albums, each one a testament to his boundless creativity. His discography includes iconic works such as “Angelic Music,” “Elixir,” and “Realms of Light.” These albums, filled with enchanting melodies and celestial vibrations, became the soundtrack for spiritual seekers and those seeking solace in the midst of chaos.

Iasos’ legacy extends far beyond his music. He was not only a celebrated musician but also a spiritual guide and healer. His music was often used in meditation and healing practices, providing a sense of peace and serenity to listeners. Iasos believed in the transformative power of sound and dedicated his life to sharing this belief with the world.

His contributions to the New Age music genre earned him widespread recognition and admiration. Iasos’ music was not only influential within the New Age community but also reached a broader audience, touching the lives of people from all walks of life. His unique ability to create music that resonated with the soul made him a beloved figure in the music industry.

As news of his passing spread, tributes poured in from fans and fellow musicians. Many expressed their gratitude for the ethereal and healing music that Iasos shared with the world. They reminisced about the moments when his melodies transported them to other dimensions and brought them a sense of inner peace.

While the cause of Iasos’ death remains a mystery, his legacy lives on through his music. His enchanting compositions will continue to inspire and uplift generations to come. The world has lost a true visionary, but his celestial melodies will forever echo in the hearts of those who were touched by his music.

In the wake of Iasos’ departure, the New Age music community mourns the loss of an irreplaceable talent. However, his music will continue to provide solace and healing to those who seek it. As we remember Iasos, let us celebrate his life and the immense impact he had on the world of music. May his soul find eternal peace as his melodies carry on, forever guiding us towards serenity and enlightenment..


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