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BREAKING NEWS: Beloved Mets Hall of Famer and longtime Long Island resident Buddy Harrelson has died at 79 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s. The news of his passing has left the baseball community and fans in mourning.

Buddy Harrelson, born Charles Edwin Harrelson, was a prominent figure in the world of baseball. Born on June 6, 1944, in Niles, California, he began his professional career in 1965 with the New York Mets. Known for his exceptional fielding skills and charismatic personality, Harrelson quickly became a fan favorite.

During his career, Harrelson played as a shortstop and was a vital part of the Mets’ success during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was an integral member of the 1969 “Miracle Mets,” who captured the hearts of fans by winning the World Series against all odds. Harrelson’s remarkable defensive plays and solid hitting contributed greatly to the team’s historic victory.

Off the field, Harrelson was known for his infectious smile and positive attitude. He was widely respected by his teammates and opponents alike for his professionalism and sportsmanship. After retiring as a player in 1980, Harrelson continued to be involved in baseball, serving as a coach and manager for various minor league teams. His dedication and love for the game were unmatched.

However, Harrelson’s life took a challenging turn when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Despite the hardships he faced, Harrelson remained an inspiration to many as he fought bravely against the disease.

Throughout his battle with Alzheimer’s, Harrelson’s family and friends stood by his side, offering support and care. His wife, Kim, and their children were a source of strength for him during his difficult journey. The baseball community also rallied around Harrelson, organizing fundraisers and awareness campaigns to support Alzheimer’s research.

While the cause of his death remains unknown, Harrelson’s legacy will live on forever. He will be remembered as a talented athlete, a beloved teammate, and an inspiration to all those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. His contributions to the Mets and the sport of baseball will never be forgotten.

Fans and fellow players have taken to social media to express their grief and pay tribute to Harrelson. Messages of condolences and gratitude have poured in from all corners of the world, highlighting the impact Harrelson had on the lives of many.

The loss of Buddy Harrelson leaves a void in the baseball community, but his spirit and legacy will continue to inspire future generations. As fans mourn the passing of a true legend, they will forever cherish the memories he created on the field and the inspiration he provided off it.

Rest in peace, Buddy Harrelson. Your contributions to the game and the lives you touched will never be forgotten..


@News12LI said BREAKING NEWS: Beloved #Mets Hall of Famer and longtime Long Island resident Buddy Harrelson has died at 79 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's.

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