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Title: Heartbreaking News: Mona’s Owner Passes Away, Urgent Call for Adoption or Foster Care


In a tragic turn of events, Mona, a beloved companion, finds herself in a state of despair and fear after the untimely passing of her owner. Mona’s world has been turned upside down, and without immediate action, her life hangs in the balance. This urgent plea for help has been echoed across social media, calling for potential adopters, foster families, or individuals willing to pledge support to attract a rescue. Located at OC Animal Care in Tustin, California, Mona’s fate now rests in the hands of compassionate souls who can offer her solace and a new forever home.

The Deceased’s Biography or Legacy

Regrettably, the details surrounding the deceased’s life and their accomplishments are not currently available. Although their identity remains anonymous, their untimely demise has left behind a heartbroken and frightened Mona. It is a reminder of the profound impact humans have on the lives of their animal companions, even in their absence.

Mona’s Desperate Cry for Help

In the wake of her owner’s passing, Mona finds herself in an overwhelming situation at the shelter. She is visibly distraught, shedding tears of sadness and refusing to eat. The loss of her owner has shattered the stability and security she once knew. Now, more than ever, Mona needs a compassionate and understanding individual or family to step forward and offer her a new chance at happiness.

The Urgent Need for Adoption, Foster Care, or Pledge

Mona’s plea for rescue has spread across social media platforms, with the hope of finding her a safe and loving home. Adoption or foster care is the immediate goal, ensuring Mona can escape the confines of the shelter and start the healing process. Alternatively, pledging support can attract the attention of rescue organizations, increasing the chances of her swift rescue and placement.

OC Animal Care: Mona’s Temporary Refuge

Mona is currently being cared for at OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. This reputable shelter provides a safe haven for countless animals in need. However, due to limited resources and an ever-increasing number of animals, Mona’s stay at the shelter poses significant risks to her well-being. Time is of the essence, and urgent action is required to secure Mona’s future.

How to Help Mona

If you have been touched by Mona’s story and are considering adoption or fostering, please contact OC Animal Care at 713-935-6848. By opening your heart and home to Mona, you can provide her with the love, stability, and support she desperately craves. Remember, adopting or fostering a pet is a lifelong commitment, so ensure you are ready to provide the care and attention Mona deserves.

If adoption or fostering is not possible, you can still make a difference by pledging support. By offering financial assistance or spreading the word about Mona’s plight, you can attract the attention of rescue organizations who may be able to provide her with a second chance at life.


The heartbreaking news of Mona’s owner’s passing has left her frightened and alone at OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. As we mourn the loss of her beloved owner, we must act swiftly to save Mona from an uncertain fate. By adopting, fostering, or pledging support, we can be the light in Mona’s life, offering her hope and a chance to rebuild her shattered world. Let us come together as a compassionate community and give Mona the love and care she so desperately needs..


@LisaBrabson said BEGGING U to PLZ save MONA Her owner has died,she is crying at shelter,scared, won't eat! Her world has been taken from her,now they will take HER life if WE don't get her OUT!PLZ #ADOPT #FOSTER OR #PLEDGE TO ATTRACT A RESCUE OC Animal Care Tustin,#Calif 713-935-6848…

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