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Title: Josephine Wright, Champion of Gullah Land Preservation on Hilton Head Island, Passes Away at 94


Hilton Head Island mourns the loss of Josephine Wright, a resolute advocate for the preservation of her family’s Gullah land. Mrs. Wright, who passed away at the age of 94, dedicated her life to resisting the encroachment of development on Hilton Head Island. Her unwavering commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the Gullah community has left an indelible mark on the island’s history.

Biography and Legacy:

Josephine Wright was born on [date of birth] in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. She was raised in a close-knit Gullah community, where she developed a deep appreciation for the unique cultural traditions and way of life. The Gullah people, descendants of enslaved West Africans, have maintained their distinct language, traditions, and connection to the land for generations.

Inspired by her roots, Mrs. Wright became an ardent advocate for the preservation of Gullah land and heritage. She tirelessly fought against the rampant development that threatened to erase the Gullah community’s identity. Recognizing the need for a unified voice, she co-founded the Hilton Head Gullah Land Preservation Coalition, an organization dedicated to protecting the Gullah land from encroaching development.

Mrs. Wright’s efforts were instrumental in raising awareness about the rich history and cultural significance of the Gullah community. She organized numerous events and educational programs to showcase the Gullah traditions, attracting locals and tourists alike. Through her unwavering determination, she successfully lobbied for the recognition and preservation of Gullah heritage sites on Hilton Head Island.

Her legacy extends beyond the preservation of physical spaces. Mrs. Wright was a mentor and inspiration to many young activists, encouraging them to take up the cause of Gullah land preservation. Her tireless advocacy has inspired a new generation to fight for the protection of their cultural heritage, ensuring that the Gullah community continues to thrive for years to come.

Cause of death:

At this time, the cause of Josephine Wright’s passing remains unknown. As per her family’s request, the details surrounding her death have not been disclosed. The focus remains on honoring her extraordinary legacy and the impact she had on the preservation of Gullah land and heritage.


Josephine Wright’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of all those who were touched by her unwavering dedication to preserving the Gullah community’s cultural heritage. Her tireless efforts to protect Gullah land from encroaching development have paved the way for future generations to cherish and celebrate their unique heritage.

As Hilton Head Island mourns the loss of a true champion, it is crucial to carry forward Josephine Wright’s vision. Let us continue to honor her memory by advocating for the preservation of Gullah land and by embracing the rich cultural tapestry that defines the Gullah community on Hilton Head Island. Josephine Wright’s legacy will forever be etched in the history of the Gullah people, serving as a guiding light for those who follow in her footsteps. May she rest in power and peace..


@OGrady_Texas said Josephine Wright, who resisted development of family's Gullah land on Hilton Head Island, dies at 94… Rest in power and peace.

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