By | January 15, 2024

**Serbian Hitman Shot Dead in Front of Family in Brazil**

A Serbian man, Darko Geisler, was brutally murdered in front of his wife and three-year-old son in Brazil. The shocking incident has revealed that Geisler was allegedly a wanted hitman on Interpol’s list of criminals.

According to Fox News, the tragic event unfolded when a gunman approached Geisler, his wife, and son as they returned home and went to store their bikes. Without warning, the assailant shot and killed Geisler, leaving his loved ones traumatized and devastated.

The investigation into Geisler’s murder has uncovered his dark past as a contract killer. Luiz Ricardo Lara Dias Jr, the lead officer in the case, revealed that Geisler had been on Interpol’s wanted list for almost ten years. The motive for his murder is believed to be connected to his involvement in criminal activities.

Geisler had been living in Brazil under a false Slovenian identity, hiding from authorities. Local police discovered that the passport he carried did not belong to him but to a Slovenian citizen who had lost it in 2017. Further investigation revealed that Geisler was a Serbian hitman wanted for multiple homicides and weapons and explosives charges in Montenegro.

It is suspected that Geisler fled to Bosnia after a man was killed at a prison gate on Christmas Day in 2014. For the past nine years, he had managed to evade capture, living in Brazil undetected.

Geisler’s true identity remained a secret, even to his wife and neighbors. He had convinced everyone that he was a carpenter, earning money from a business he owned in Slovenia. No one suspected his involvement in organized crime.

The gunman who ended Geisler’s life wore a mask and gloves and fled the scene in a black car. Brazilian and Montenegrin police are now collaborating on the investigation to uncover the truth behind this shocking crime.

Interpol has been contacted for additional information regarding Geisler’s criminal activities and his connection to other international crimes.

The tragic death of Darko Geisler serves as a reminder of the hidden dangers lurking in society and the lengths some criminals will go to evade justice. The investigation into his murder continues, with the hope of bringing closure to his grieving family and ensuring that justice is served..

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