By | January 15, 2024

IndyStar, a leading news outlet in Indianapolis, is diligently tracking each killing in the city to gain a better understanding of the escalating violence plaguing the community. While this list is still preliminary and subject to change as investigations unfold, it provides a comprehensive overview of the homicides that have occurred.

The information for this report has been compiled from various sources, including Indianapolis police records, court documents, and interviews with relatives and friends of the victims. IndyStar has ruled out accidents, suicides, fatal overdoses, and hit-and-run deaths, unless they are deemed intentional.

Anyone with information that could assist in the homicide investigations is urged to contact the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Unit or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana. Confidentiality is guaranteed for those who wish to remain anonymous.

The first incident on the list occurred on January 14 when a man was shot and killed in the Far East of the city. Police responded to a disturbance before finding the victim with a gunshot wound. One suspect was arrested but later released pending further investigation.

On January 13, another man was pronounced dead at the hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds. The shooting is believed to have occurred near the crime scene on 21st Street and N. Shadeland Avenue.

A day prior, on January 12, a man was killed in a shooting on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Officers discovered the victim in the yard with a gunshot wound. Several individuals were arrested but subsequently released, although one person is believed to be responsible for the shooting.

In another tragic incident on January 12, a woman was found dead at a residence with unknown injuries. An 18-year-old individual, Zackie Dawson, has been arrested as a person of interest in connection with her death.

The list goes on, with each entry providing details about the victims, the circumstances surrounding their deaths, and any arrests made. It is a somber reminder of the violence that continues to grip the city.

IndyStar’s meticulous tracking of these killings serves as a crucial tool in understanding the patterns and underlying causes of violence in Indianapolis. By shedding light on the tragic loss of life, it is hoped that efforts can be made to address the root causes and work towards a safer community for all residents..

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