By | January 15, 2024

Kansas City Hospital Continues to Address Cyber Attack

A hospital in the Kansas City area is still working diligently to rectify its systems and uncover the source of a cyber attack that occurred in mid-December. Liberty Hospital, located at 2525 Glenn Hendren Drive in Liberty, Missouri, took proactive measures to shut down their computer systems after detecting suspicious activity, which has now been confirmed as a cybersecurity incident.

Despite the setback, the hospital has made significant progress in its recovery process and is steadily moving towards full functionality. Some notable milestones achieved include the restoration of most hospital and clinic capabilities, with only a few areas intentionally treating a reduced number of patients. Additionally, patient electronic health records are once again in use at the hospital and all clinics, while digital functionality for most equipment and applications has been successfully restored.

An encouraging development is that the Emergency Department is no longer diverting patients, which is particularly crucial during the recent plummeting temperatures. This decision will help alleviate the strain on other hospitals in the area.

Ensuring patient safety remains a top priority for the hospital, and they are prepared to employ regulatory-approved downtime patient safety protocols whenever necessary. The hospital expresses gratitude to its staff, patients, and the community for their patience and support during this unprecedented incident. They also extend their appreciation to emergency services providers and local hospitals for their collaboration in delivering high-quality care to the Northland and the wider metropolitan area.

With regards to the ongoing investigation, the hospital is actively and diligently working to identify the source and extent of the incident. However, it is acknowledged that this process will take time. The hospital remains committed to transparency and will share information as soon as it is safely possible to do so.

Overall, the hospital’s relentless efforts to overcome this cyber attack exemplify their dedication to providing uninterrupted healthcare services to their patients.


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