By | January 15, 2024

**Man Arrested for Attempted Rape of Woman and Child in Pleasant Hill**

A shocking incident unfolded in Pleasant Hill, California, on Thursday when a man was apprehended for allegedly attempting to rape a woman while she was in the company of a child. The Pleasant Hill Police Department swiftly responded to the distressing situation.

According to the authorities, numerous calls were received by the Pleasant Hill Police Department (PHPD) reporting the suspicious behavior of a man identified as 26-year-old Joshua Downs. Concerned citizens alerted the PHPD, describing his erratic actions.

The PHPD has not disclosed the exact details of how the incident transpired. However, they have confirmed that a female victim came forward, bravely revealing that she had been attacked by Downs while caring for a child. The victim, whose identity remains anonymous, was understandably shaken by the traumatic experience. To gather more information, she was interviewed with the assistance of a translator.

Responding swiftly to the distressing incident, law enforcement officials took Downs into custody on Thursday afternoon. Currently, he is being held on a bail amounting to $250,000. The charges he may face include attempted rape, sexual battery, child abuse, and indecent exposure.

As this story continues to develop, KTVU urges readers to check back for updates. The local news outlet remains committed to providing the community with the latest information regarding this distressing incident.

It is important to remember that the criminal justice system will thoroughly investigate the allegations against Joshua Downs. The Pleasant Hill Police Department is working diligently to ensure that justice is served for the victim and the child involved.

Acts of violence and assault are deeply disturbing, particularly when they occur within our communities. It is crucial that we stand together as a society to prevent such incidents from happening and provide support to the victims.

The Pleasant Hill Police Department is actively pursuing every lead in this investigation. They encourage anyone with additional information about this case or any other suspicious activities involving Joshua Downs to come forward and contact them immediately.

The safety and well-being of our community are of paramount importance, and incidents like these serve as a reminder that we must remain vigilant and support one another in times of crisis..

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