By | January 15, 2024

**Man Arrested for 4th OWI After Vehicle Found Overturned in Snow Bank**

**Two Rivers, Wisconsin** – In a surprising turn of events, a man was arrested for his fourth offense of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) after police discovered his overturned vehicle in a snow bank. The incident took place on Sunday in the 4200 Block of Memorial Drive, which prompted officers from the Two Rivers Police Department to respond swiftly.

Upon arrival, officers found a male and a female trapped inside the vehicle. Thankfully, the female occupant was successfully rescued and found to be uninjured. However, the 69-year-old male driver, identified as Jeffrey Leifer from Manitowoc, had to be extricated by the Two Rivers Fire Department. Leifer sustained possible injuries as a result of the crash and required medical attention.

Following the rescue operation, Leifer was promptly placed under arrest for his fourth offense of OWI. He was then transported to the Aurora Medical Center to receive necessary medical care before being taken to the Manitowoc County Jail to face further legal proceedings.

As authorities worked diligently to investigate the accident, southbound Memorial Drive was temporarily closed for approximately 1 ½ hours. This closure was necessary to ensure a thorough examination of the crash scene and the safe removal of the overturned vehicle.

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is a serious offense that poses a significant risk to both the driver and others on the road. The arrest of Jeffrey Leifer serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the potential consequences that can arise from impaired judgement behind the wheel.

The Two Rivers Police Department and the Two Rivers Fire Department displayed commendable teamwork and quick response in handling this incident. Their dedication to public safety is a testament to the professionalism and commitment of the local law enforcement agencies.

As this investigation continues, it is crucial for motorists to remain vigilant and prioritize road safety. By adhering to traffic laws and refraining from driving under the influence, we can all contribute to a safer community..

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