By | January 15, 2024

Passenger Assaults IndiGo Pilot at Delhi Airport

In a shocking incident at Delhi airport, a passenger allegedly assaulted an IndiGo pilot while the latter was announcing a flight delay. The incident, which occurred on January 14, has prompted an investigation by the aviation security agency.

The assault took place on flight number 6E 2175, scheduled to depart from Delhi to Goa at around 1 pm. In a viral video, the agitated passenger, later identified as Sahil Katariya, can be seen punching the co-pilot, Anup Kumar, while he was making an announcement about the delay. The captain and a flight attendant tried to intervene as commotion spread inside the cabin.

The security agency has initiated an investigation into the incident, which has caused outrage among aviation authorities. IndiGo has filed a complaint with the Delhi police, who have assured appropriate action will be taken. Anup Kumar, the co-pilot, and security personnel have already given statements to the police regarding the assault.

As per government rules introduced in 2017, if an airline deems a passenger’s behavior unruly, the pilot must file a complaint, which will be investigated by an internal panel. During the probe, the airline has the authority to ban the passenger for a maximum of 30 days. The committee will review the matter within 30 days and determine the duration of the ban.

This incident has once again highlighted the issue of unruly passengers and the need for stricter regulations to ensure the safety of airline crew and fellow travelers. It is imperative that such incidents are dealt with firmly to discourage any future acts of violence or disruption onboard flights.

The aviation industry plays a vital role in connecting people and facilitating travel. However, incidents like these can tarnish its reputation and create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. It is crucial for authorities to take swift action and implement necessary measures to prevent such incidents from recurring.

Passenger safety and security should always be the top priority for airlines and airports. The aviation security agency, along with the Delhi police, must conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that appropriate action is taken against the passenger involved in this assault..

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