By | January 15, 2024

Record-Breaking 290 kg of Cocaine Washed Ashore in Central Vietnam

In a shocking turn of events, more than 290 kilograms of cocaine have been discovered washed ashore in central Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. Local residents stumbled upon the illicit drugs and promptly reported their findings to the border guards.

The discovery was made when a man, who was out fishing on Sunday, stumbled upon a gray bag on the shores. Upon closer inspection, he found several smaller packets containing white powder inside. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, he immediately alerted the border guards.

Further investigations revealed two additional bags, labeled with the word “ITWIT,” each containing a total of 288 packets, with each packet weighing approximately one kilogram. Lab tests later confirmed that the white powder was indeed cocaine. This incident marks the largest amount of drugs ever to be washed ashore in Vietnam.

Authorities are now working diligently to determine the origin of the drugs, with the border guards and police joining forces in their investigation. This is not the first time that packets of drugs have been discovered washed ashore in central Vietnam. Just a week ago, locals stumbled upon three packets of cocaine in a plastic bag, which they promptly reported to the border guards.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past, with fishermen in central Vietnam regions frequently discovering drug packets washed ashore. In Quang Ngai, 20 kilograms of ketamine were found washed ashore over a year ago. Similar discoveries have been made by people in Quang Tri and Quang Nam as well. Authorities believe that these drugs may have been failed attempts at smuggling via the sea route between countries.

The discovery of such a massive quantity of cocaine raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of drug trafficking prevention measures in the region. The collaboration between border guards and police is crucial in identifying the culprits behind this illicit activity and ensuring that justice is served.

As investigations continue, the local community remains on high alert, with hopes that these incidents will serve as a wake-up call to intensify efforts in combating drug smuggling along Vietnam’s coastlines..

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