By | January 15, 2024

**Riverdale Woman Arrested for Alleged Murder of 2-Month-Old Son**

A horrifying incident has unfolded in the quiet town of Riverdale, Utah, as a 26-year-old woman is now in custody for the alleged murder of her 2-month-old son. Bryce Jo Harkins is facing a first-degree felony charge of aggravated murder, as authorities claim she displayed a “reckless indifference to human life.”

According to court documents, the tragic events unfolded on Sunday, January 14, when police responded to a distressing call reporting an infant who had stopped breathing. The caller repeatedly expressed that the “baby was gone,” leaving emergency responders deeply concerned. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered the lifeless body of the 2-month-old, bearing multiple injuries consistent with aggravated child abuse.

The baby had been under the care of his mother, identified as Bryce Jo Harkins. Shockingly, Harkins admitted to police that her son had been crying incessantly and that she resorted to violence. She confessed to delivering a forceful punch to his head, causing him to become pale and eventually stop breathing. Astonishingly, Harkins made no efforts to seek medical assistance for her child.

Further investigation revealed that this was not the first instance of abuse. Harkins admitted to backhanding her son, leaving a bruise on his forehead. Additionally, she confessed to throwing him into his crib from a height of one to two feet and even pushing down on his chest while he was in the crib.

The booking affidavit states that Harkins was fully aware of the harm her actions could cause her son. Her reckless indifference to human life and her active participation in the commission of aggravated child abuse ultimately led to the tragic death of her infant.

It is important to remember that these charges are allegations, and Harkins is presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As this heartbreaking case unfolds, the community of Riverdale is left in shock and mourning for the innocent life lost too soon.

Let this tragic incident serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of protecting the most vulnerable among us and raising awareness about the signs of child abuse..

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