By | January 16, 2024

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar: Man Arrested for Brutal Murder of Parents and Brother in Hingoli Village

In a shocking incident that has left the community in disbelief, a man has been arrested for the brutal murder of his elderly parents and brother in the village of Digraswadi in Hingoli. The accused attempted to pass off the killings as a tragic road accident, but investigators soon uncovered the truth.

The police investigation revealed that the 32-year-old son, Mahendra, systematically murdered his family members over the course of three consecutive days. First, he served them tea laced with sleeping pills, then subjected them to electric shocks, and finally bludgeoned them to death with a metal rod. His motive for the gruesome crime was reportedly resentment towards his parents for insulting him in front of relatives, while praising his younger brother, Akash.

To mislead investigators, Mahendra fabricated a story about a road accident claiming the lives of his family members. However, his inconsistent statements and the discovery of blood stains in their home raised suspicion.

Further investigation revealed that Mahendra had meticulously planned the murders, drawing inspiration from a Bollywood film called ‘Drushyam’ and multiple episodes of the crime show ‘Crime Patrol’. In preparation, he acquired a large quantity of sleeping pills and carried out the killings with chilling precision.

The victims have been identified as Kundalik Jadhav (70), his wife Kalavati (60), and their son Akash (27). The family, who owned three acres of land, resided in Digraswadi under the jurisdiction of Basamba police station. Kundalik and Kalavati were engaged in farming, while Akash worked as a contract worker in the local gram panchayat. Mahendra himself worked as a cook in a private hostel in a neighboring village.

Initially, the deaths were treated as a series of tragic road accidents. However, the local crime branch inspector, Vishal Patil, noticed similarities in the injuries sustained by the victims. It was then that Mahendra, the perpetrator, first approached the police and informed his relatives about the alleged accidents.

Assistant inspector Gheware revealed chilling details from Mahendra’s confession. He admitted to lacing his brother and parents’ tea with sleeping pills on January 9, rendering them unconscious. He then proceeded to give his brother an electric shock and bludgeoned him repeatedly to ensure his death. Mahendra disposed of Akash’s body in a deserted location. The following day, he repeated the process with his mother, and on January 11, he brutally murdered his father.

In a final attempt to cover his tracks, Mahendra staged the accident scene by transporting the bodies to a well-known accident spot on his bike.

The arrest of Mahendra has brought a sense of closure to the community, but the shocking nature of the crimes has left them in a state of disbelief. The investigation into this heinous act continues as the police gather more evidence to build a solid case against the accused..

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