By | January 16, 2024

Three People Injured in Lahore House Fire

In a tragic incident that occurred on Monday in Shera Kot, Lahore, three individuals sustained burn injuries after a fire broke out due to a gas heater in a house. The incident took place in Jafria colony, Band Road, where the fire quickly engulfed the entire house, leaving the occupants trapped inside. Witnessing the alarming situation, nearby residents immediately sprang into action, attempting to control the fire and calling for rescue teams. Fortunately, the fire fighters arrived promptly, evacuating the victims and successfully extinguishing the flames. The injured individuals, identified as Irzana Omar (18), Omar Altaf (37), and Zainab Omar (10), were then rushed to Jinnah Hospital for medical treatment.

Fatal Shooting and Robbery Attempt in Wah Saddar Police Station Area

In a shocking development, two separate incidents of violence unfolded in various parts of the Wah Saddar Police Station area on Monday. In the first incident, an Afghan national named Younas Khan was ruthlessly shot dead by two masked assailants in broad daylight on GT road, near Wah Garden. The perpetrators managed to flee the crime scene without being apprehended. Police investigations have revealed that the motive behind the assassination was an ongoing feud related to a marriage issue, as stated by the victim’s family.

In the second incident, a man fell victim to a shooting and robbery attempt in the Hussainabad area, within the same police station’s jurisdiction. Ahmed Hussain, who had traveled from Chitral to visit his relatives, was targeted by two armed men on a motorcycle. When they attempted to rob him at gunpoint, Hussain bravely resisted, prompting the assailants to shoot him before escaping. Law enforcement authorities at Wah Saddar Police Station have registered separate cases for both incidents and have initiated a thorough investigation.

These distressing events serve as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the need for enhanced security measures in residential areas. The authorities must take swift action to bring the culprits to justice and ensure the safety of the general public..

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