By | January 16, 2024

Sonu Sood Addresses Concerns Over Growing Attacks on Flight Attendants

Updated January 16th, 2024 at 11:45 IST

Sonu Sood, the renowned actor, recently took to his social media platform to express his concern regarding the disturbing trend of passengers attacking flight attendants. This comes after a video of a passenger assaulting an IndiGo pilot went viral, highlighting the increasing challenges faced by airline staff. Sood emphasized the urgent need for self-defence training programs to become mandatory for airline staff if such unruly behavior persists.

In his social media post, Sood urged passengers to be considerate towards the airline crew, particularly in unforeseen circumstances like flight delays. He emphasized that delays are often beyond the control of the crew and urged the public to show kindness and understanding towards them.

Sood’s words come as a reminder that certain situations are beyond anyone’s control, and everyone deserves respect. External factors such as weather conditions can have a significant impact on flight schedules. It is crucial to understand and acknowledge these uncontrollable factors.

The viral video that sparked this concern captured a male passenger physically assaulting the pilot after being informed of a flight delay. The passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria, was promptly asked to disembark, and the pilot filed a police report against him. An investigation is currently underway to address this assault.

This incident follows actor Radhika Apte’s revelation of being stranded at Mumbai airport’s aerobridge for several hours. Apte expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of information provided by IndiGo staff regarding the delay and the measures taken to assist stranded passengers.

The airline industry is facing numerous challenges, and the safety and well-being of airline staff should be a top priority. Sonu Sood’s public statement brings attention to the need for better passenger behavior and emphasizes the importance of respecting and supporting the airline crew.

As incidents like these continue to occur, it becomes crucial for authorities to take appropriate action and implement measures that ensure the safety and security of airline staff. Passengers must also be educated about the potential consequences of their actions and the impact they can have on the overall flight experience.

Sonu Sood’s voice adds weight to this important issue, and his call for mandatory self-defence training programs highlights the necessity for immediate action to address the growing concerns surrounding attacks on flight attendants..

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