By | January 16, 2024

Disagreements Turn Deadly in Bihar

In two separate incidents in Bihar, disagreements escalated into violence, resulting in tragic deaths. The first incident took place in Aurangabad district, where a dispute over car parking led to a violent confrontation, leaving four people dead. Three of the victims were travellers from Jharkhand.

According to Aurangabad District Magistrate Shrikant Shastri, the incident occurred when the driver parked the car in front of a local shop. All five people inside the car were intoxicated, and the shopkeeper objected to the parking. This led to a heated exchange, and one of the car occupants pulled out a gun and fired a shot, which unfortunately hit a bystander. Enraged by this act, a mob attacked the car occupants, resulting in the deaths of Mohammed Mujahid, Mohmamad Anjar, and Mohammed Arman.

The conditions of the two remaining passengers, Mohammad Vakil and Ajit Sharma, are critical, and they are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital. The deceased bystander has been identified as Ramsharan Chauhan, a resident of Mahuari village.

The police have made ten arrests in connection with the case. All five car occupants were residents of Japla, Palamu district in Jharkhand. The investigation is still ongoing, and officials are working to gather evidence.

In another tragic incident, a 53-year-old woman named Chinta Devi was beaten to death in Rohtas district. The attack was allegedly carried out by a family member who accused Chinta Devi of practicing witchcraft. The accusation arose after villagers blamed her for the death of a four-year-old child.

However, Rohtas SP Vineet Kumar has refuted the allegations of witchcraft, stating that the incident was actually a result of a dispute over pathways. The child had gone missing, and when his body was discovered, the family members of the child attacked Chinta Devi. The victim’s family has filed a complaint, and an investigation is underway.

Both incidents have sparked outrage and concern within the communities, leading to the involvement of senior officials and forensic experts. The authorities are diligently working towards justice and ensuring the safety of the affected communities..

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